Iranian Stunt Man of James Bond in a Historical Film

14:19 - 1394/5/31
Iranian stunt man of James Bond and 12 members of his team assisted in the making of the largest historical movie of Azerbaijan, made by a British company.
Amir Badri, the Iranian stunts designer who helped in Sky Fall and won the SAG award of United Statesfor it, has been interviewed by ISNA. During an interview with ISNA's cinema journalist, Badri said that “Ali & Nino is one the largest movie projects of Azerbaijan and me and my team have been a part of this Piepive production.
The stunts man who enjoyed a successful presence in Stunts Festival of Russia last year added that the movie was shot in Turkey and Azerbaijan, with post-production done in the UK.
Badri says that he always tries to give a good impression of Iranian people and culture in every project that he and his team are involved in. “Ali & Nino employed 40 stunts persons from US, Germany, Mexico, Turkey and Azerbaijan,” Badri added, “together with 12 Iranian members of my team. The stunts were designed and made under our supervision almost a year ago. I also did some stunts and jumps and designed and performed battles, shoot-outs and some horse-back stunts.”
According to Badri, stunts of the movie were designed by Garret Milne, who had designed stunts for Sherlock Holmes movies and Red 2, and also performed stunts in Sky Fall.
Ali & Nino is an international project employing the talents of 500 artists, including HomayounErshadi's acting. HalitErgenç (Sultan of Magnificent Century) and Maria Valverde (Spanish) are among other starsof the movie. The script was adapted by the Oscar-winning Chistopher Hampton and directed by Asif Kapada.
According to ISNA, the Iranian team of Amir Badri includes NaserHoseini, HadiBaqeri, Nader Asgari, MohamadrezaSharifi, AlirezaSharifi, MohamadAkbari, RoohollahSeyedi, Mehdi Elahi, AbolfazlMirzaei and RezoHoseini.
Amir Badri has performed stunts in various Iranian films including MasoudKimiayi'sThe Crime and Metropole, MarziyehBorumand'sMice City 2, HoumanSeyedi's13, Hamid Nematolah'sHeavy Make-Up and MostafaKiayi'sSpecial Line.